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PFG Capital Corporation, the predecessor of PFG Capital, LP, was formed in 1986 in response to the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which eliminated many real estate based tax shelters. The company's mission was to develop and syndicate financially sound real estate investments for its investor clients. A large portion of these investments included the development of tax credit affordable housing projects. In 1987, PFG Capital was one of the first companies in Pennsylvania to complete a low income rental housing community utilizing the newly created section 42 federal tax credits. Since then, the company has gained considerable expertise in section 42 low income housing tax credits and section 47 historic rehabilitation tax credits with the development of 12 affordable housing projects throughout Central Pennsylvania. In addition to these affordable housing projects, PFG Capital also acquired, developed, and syndicated over 25 real estate projects including several market rate apartment, office, retail, residential lots and for sale housing projects during its first 15 years of existence. These projects included a large waterfront vacation housing project on the Chesapeake Bay in Cecil County, Maryland, build-to-suit retail and grocery anchored projects, and residential housing developments.

During the company's continued growth and pursuit towards diversification, it identified opportunities in the self storage industry with the increasing popularity and continual demand within the sector. In 2000, PFG Capital purchased its first self storage facility. The following year, the company formed All Seasons Storage Trust; a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Over the next five years, PFG Capital and All Seasons Storage acquired, expanded, and developed over 30 self storage properties across six states. In 2005, All Seasons Storage was recognized as a national top 50 self storage operator with over 1.5 million square feet of storage. Then in 2006, as prices continued to rise to historic highs, PFG Capital sold the entire 30 property portfolio.

Subsequent to the sale of All Seasons Storage, PFG Capital, LP was formed and continued with the investment in and development of real estate. Currently, PFG Capital, LP owns and operates self storage facilities in the Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD suburbs under the name StorageWORKs! It also remains active in the affordable housing sector with the continued management of its 12 properties and the development of more properties in the future. PFG Capital, LP continually strives for diversified growth in both the real estate and business world and is constantly seeking new business and real estate opportunities.

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