In Real Estate, PFG Capital LP provides the full spectrum of services by locating and structuring real estate investment opportunities, attracting or directly providing capital, negotiating financing, providing development and construction oversight and services as well as providing the day-to-day management of operations.  PFG Capital has a long established history of performing the following activities:
  • Review of acquisition opportunities through an extensive due diligence process
    • Principals of the partnership are licensed real estate sales people
  • Financing through multiple sources, including regional banks and national lenders
  • Structuring equity investment with the investors’ and partnership’s goals in sync
  • Garnering approvals from regulatory and governmental entities
    • Through the oversight of legal, engineering and architectural professionals
  • Oversight of extensive and difficult construction jobs 
    • Including renovation and new construction
  • Managing the operations of the real estate project, including
    • Marketing, leasing and maintaining self storage facilities
    • Apartment management and maintenance
    • Selling low and medium density homes/condominiums
    • Oversight of retail and office leasing and tenant retention
  • Providing accounting and tax returns
  • Identifying the proper timing as well as negotiating the sale of properties
  • Overseeing the sale and transfer of the property

Similarly, PFG Capital and its principals have a long successful history of building and growing operating businesses.  The financial and management acumen that has created successful real estate transactions has also translated well to other business ventures.  PFG Capital and its principals have owned and operated companies that specialize in the medical, financial, insurance and technology fields.

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