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PFG Capital, LP is a partnership of individuals with decades of real estate, insurance, finance, accounting and entrepreneurial experience. Its history of real estate and business investment, development, and syndication dates back over 20 years to the mid-1980’s.

In light of changes in the tax code in the mid-1980's, the original principals of PFG Capital recognized an opportunity to grow a company based on the premise of opportune, economically sound development and acquisition of commercial real estate for investment with its partners. PFG Capital from early on and still to this day, combines the talents of business, real estate, and finance/accounting professionals to search for appropriate opportunities.

PFG Capital has a well diversified history in the real estate industry, which includes the development, management, and ownership of nearly all types of real estate, and it continually pursues its goal of maximizing investor returns. Beginning at the turn of the century, PFG Capital both acquired and developed over 30 self storage properties across six states. Subsequently in 2006, PFG Capital sold the entire portfolio in one large transaction.

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